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Melbourne Teen Actors - Acting Courses

Junior Jam Acting Classes


A 90 Minute acting class designed for children 8 - 12 years of age. Build confidence, learn to act and have fun while doing so. These classes are perfect for young children who want to try their hand at acting. Classes will teach children the importance of supporting each other and making everyone look good. Students will get to use their imagination to create performances on a weekly basis.


Foundation Acting Classes


Our Foundation Acting class is perfect for all teenagers regardless of prior acting experience. This two-hour acting class is designed to get teens out of their comfort zone and build their confidence. Each week students will learn improvisation skills they are crucial to acting and auditioning. Mastering these skills will go a long way in helping your child find success in the acting industry. Students will also be required to learn a new script weekly, these scripts will build upon skills the students have learnt and challenge them to listen and respond in the moment.


Practical Acting Classes


Our Practical Acting class is for experienced actors and actresses. This is a four-hour class that really starts to take all students acting skills to the next level. The main focus of this class is to really prepare our students for a career in the acting industry. The first two hours of the practical acting class is all about strengthening the emotional muscles and character building skills required for all challenging roles our students will hopefully encounter in their long career. Students tap into techniques devised by Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg under the guidance of our skilled teachers. The second half of the class is aimed at scene work which is hand-picked from theatre plays and Hollywood film scripts. These scenes are to be filmed and turned into showreel material to aid students further in their acting journey.

Now is your time


Melbourne Teen Actors is an acting school created for young performers.

Offering a fun and exciting entry into the world of acting, our mission is to provide you with the tools to turn your passion into something more.

Unlock your creativity, learn to develop your talent, advance your career, make new friends - if you’ve got a dream, we’re here to support you. 

  • Fun, welcoming and relaxed classes

  • One-on-one coaching with trained actors

  • Group classes and ensemble work

  • Build your confidence and performing skills

  • Learn how to develop your own characters

  • Proven techniques that all actors use

  • Film your own showreel using industry equipment


  • Grow your confidence

    Are you excited to develop your acting skills, but the thought of getting up in front of others is holding you back? We’ve all been there. Even our MTA acting coaches stood nervously outside their first class once upon a time.
    Acting fills you with valuable confidence that will stay with you in school, in sport, pretty much anywhere you go. Just remember, your favourite actor felt nervous like you at one point!

  • Make new friends

    Whether you’re connecting with your emotions in one of our Practical Acting classes, or getting creative and silly in an Improv Class, you’ll be meeting other young adults with the exact same passions as you.
    At Melbourne Teen Acting Studio you don’t just develop the skills required for a career in acting, you make new friends that stay with you for life too.

  • Improve as an actor

    Our classes are fun and welcoming, but designed to improve your skills and develop you into a well rounded actor. From scene study and analysis to monologue training, on-camera techniques and audition assistance, MTA moulds young adult performers.
    Each class offers an in-depth understanding of your craft and can help develop natural talent by adding highly developed skill sets.

  • Start your career

    Joining an acting school is more than a way to make friends, develop your confidence and improve your performance skills. The biggest actors in the world started with acting classes and their long careers in the industry are the result.
    If you’re thinking about taking your love of performing to the next level, our teachers can help you move forward and find the agent or role you’re looking for.



Building confidence and character