master CLASSES

Most acting courses for young people are built around the school terms, which is great as everyone needs a holiday. The only problem is those big Christmas holidays when you don’t have acing classes for like two months!

Never Fear, Melbourne Teen Actors has you covered. Our Master Classes are the perfect Acting course to help you through those long holiday breaks.

These full day classes are designed to push you through a long hard day of concentration and acting skills from those basic fundamentals to the advanced techniques that can really excite us.

Our Master Acting courses take place over days through out the holiday period and more information and sign ups are released closer to the date.
The Master Class class cost $110 for the day.


Acting is just like exercise, it takes constant training to keep your acting muscle in great shape. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon, you’ll most likely injure yourself. You build up to that skill level and when you go on a holiday you’ll find you’ve lost fitness while you’ve been enjoying your break and it’s a little harder to run that marathon. Acting is the same!

Young actors and actresses are often never taught the importance of keeping your acting muscle in shape. Our Master classes are here to help young teenagers keep working on their craft through the holiday period. Making sure they are staying well conditioned and audition ready.


Our Master Acting Classes are going to push you with a full 6-8 hours of training through out the day.

No two Master Classes are ever going to be the same, each master class will offer different techniques, from acting to auditioning tools and tricks.

Some times we will also offer special guest teachers and potentially even casting agents running workshops, making our Master Classes something not to be missed.

During these classes, you will have a full day of acting training ahead that is designed to:

  • Keep you fresh

  • Retain your focus over extended periods of time

  • Learn important auditioning techniques

  • Improve on already established talents

  • Problem solve

  • Build Confidence

  • Prepare young students to tackle their acting dreams head on.

All students are encouraged to find their own voice under the guidance and support of our experienced teachers.