Melbourne Teen Actors is so much more than just an acting school

Designed to help young actors develop into thinking actors and prepare them for all opportunities that will come their way, while keeping each student inspired and engaged. Melbourne Teen Actors offers classes to teenagers that have a calling for the dramatic arts. There are many teenagers out there that know what they want to be when they finish high school and they know they want to perform in some way shape or form. Our teen classes are here to help teenagers navigate their way to a successful career as a young actor. Of course there are no guarantees in the acting industry but students who train at MTA will have the advantage over other actors who have not gone through our rigorous training .

Why is Melbourne Teen actors so different?

What makes MTA so different from other teenage acting schools is that its focus is passion. Students not only have fun but are encouraged to embrace their love for acting. This builds a very supportive group of students who lift each other up together instead of letting their ego get in the way and brining others down. We also believe that an acting school is not just about weekly classes where you grown your skill set and develop new acting techniques you hopefully can use one day in the future. Melbourne Teen Actors helps to get you putting those skills into practice as soon as possible and teaches each student who to bring their own dreams to reality instead of waiting around for auditions that may or may not come. We live in a world where technology has made it easy for anyone to tell a story and every actor at MTA is encouraged to think outside the box. Today there is no excuses for not being able to do what you love and our students are constantly creating their own work. Our sister company Revolving Door Productions makes it possible for our students to make their own movies come to life. Students have access to film equipment that other teenagers just don’t get the luxury to use. Lastly having a film production company looking over the actors and actresses that are studying at Melbourne Teen Actors allows more opportunities for our students to be involved with the films they produce.

Is Acting for me?

Acting can be intimidating to start, especially if you have never taken any acting classes before. However, we believe acting can be a great compliment to everybody’s personal growth. Acting is a great way to build confidence while also helping bring people together. Not everyone is suited to the same style of learning. Which is why MTA offers a variety of classes that helps every student find their own strength. Helping each student discover themselves with small class sizes allows for a more personal approach to a craft that requires vulnerability. Students are not placed in categories, all are treated equally. Teachings are aimed specifically at each student’s individual needs and requirements as an actor. Removing the concept of 'beginners' and 'advanced' helps all students understand that no body is superior to anyone else. We are all in class to learn, grow and support no matter what level we at. With passionate teachers helping push students towards understanding their own passions, we create an environment where everyone can grow and succeed. Students of MTA will be fully equipped to tackle any challenge thrown at them from directors, casting agents and agents alike. They will be prepared for everything the industry will throw at them and have the foundations to keep their work at a high standard. Studying at MTA is designed to give every student a solid foundation for their acting career in which they can build upon for the rest of their lives. The tools they learn will help them with auditions, roles and even every day life. Participation in the practical class will provide students with showreel material that will help them secure an agent and land more auditions.


The teen years can be difficult, fraught with low self-esteem and criticism from peers. This can create a self-effacing human being with no confidence, afraid to face the world with a skewed vision of who they are and how they fit in. Acting classes can change that.

When acting, you are taught assurance, appreciation of your talent, and pride in learning. This leads to a better sense of self, allowing you to see yourself as others truly see you, without all the angst and doubt. MTA builds a place where your fellow students will be rooting for you, and your instructors will want you to do the best possible, so you will feel accepted and proud of your accomplishments. You shall be given the opportunity to shine as an actor and build your self-confidence among your peers and teachers.