Do you dream of becoming an actor and performing in front of an adoring crowd? Is acting your burning passion?

If so, Melbourne Teen Actors’ Practical Acting classes can help you ignite your passion and bring it to life.

The Practical class is for students who are serious about taking their craft to the next level. This four hour class is designed to push students into new strengths while also honing their current skill set through a series of exercises that are aimed to expand their emotional range and strengthen their ability access these emotions quickly and effectively.

This class is broken up into two sections. The first half takes exercises from Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler as students delve into their sense memory and build up characters.

The second half of class is aimed at working on scenes from Hollywood and Australian films and plays.

However unlike most classes, MTA’s practical class is not aimed and learning your lines and churning out scenes week after week.

Instead the goal is to build the relationships and find the truth to the scene through improvising moments around the beats of the scenes.

When finally the scene has taken shape over this exploration the lines come back in and students then move towards filming the scene. They can then use these scenes for their own personal showreels which will help them land agents and more auditions.

For students interested in taking their skills to a professional level over the holiday periods, our Master Class is also available.

Our Acting courses take place over four terms and run for nine weeks each.
The Practical acting class cost $500 per term (9 weeks, 4 hours each class)
Drop in/Casual classes are available and cost $65 per class.



Acting is a special talent and ability to break down scenes and your character’s mannerisms, dialogues and interactions with other characters, to play out an entertaining scene for your audience.

A practical acting class is the perfect place to nurture and develop your performance talent and skills.

You will undertake an exciting journey of self-discovery, as you have the opportunity to gauge your strengths and personal acting style, and identify areas you want to further develop and improve.

Practical acting classes offer the perfect mixture of exercises and scene work.

During classes, you will study and experience different acting styles (i.e. method, character acting, etc.), and have the opportunity to perform in front of peers and highly skilled instructors.

Our experienced teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of acting and help you move towards your future career goals in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment.


Our Practical acting class is the perfect place to take your craft of acting to the next level. You will be hard pressed to find another teenage acting school in Melbourne that offers acting courses quite like ours.

Prepare yourselves as you are about to realise how the greatest actors such as Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando have gone about preparing for their roles. Then you will learn how to work the same way as these greats.

Our Practical acting classes offer the perfect platform to begin your career as an actor. All students are encourage to begin thinking about their future and how acting can play a part in it. Building showreels, creating their own content and getting their first agent are topics that are often discussed and broken down by our teachers who have been working in and around the industry for over 10 years.

During these acting classes, you will learn to take your creative choices as an actor to the next level, .

Our Practical acting course is designed to:

  • Extend your emotional range.

  • Improve your ability to access these emotions.

  • Enhance your current acting skill set.

  • Make bold choices.

  • Create interesting characters.

  • Get you industry ready.

  • Help you with showreel and headshot decisions.

  • Challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

All students are encouraged to be open to these new techniques under the guidance and support of our experienced teachers.

If you are still wondering if our Practical acting course is the perfect acting class for you but just need to make sure. Why not sign up for a two week free trial. Pop in and see how our classes run before committing to the full term.