Revolving Door Productions

Revolving Door Productions is an independent film production company producing high quality films out of Melbourne while also producing content designed to help new filmmakers through the common pitfalls of creating their own films. With a monthly Blog and Vlog providing information and inspiration Revolving Door hopes to build a platform where actors and creatives alike can improve and grow together in an industry that is already so challenging to break into.

Revolving Door Productions currently has quite a few films and creative ventures in the pipelines which looks to be the start or a very bright future for this film company. In March 2018 they released their first film ‘The Resurgence’ on youtube and with in the first five months of it’s release it amassed over 20k views with people around the world hoping to see the next part of the story.

the perfect partnership

Melbourne Teen Actors is not just about the here and now. Students are taught to believe in their dreams and work for them. Some teenage acting schools offer agency representation and while that is not something we currently offer (maybe in the future) we do offer something a little bit different. Melbourne Teen Actors has a strong link to the production company Revolving Door Productions. This company has a dream to tell great stories and make amazing films.

This is a great opportunity for all students to get their foot in the door with real on set experience and through studying at MTA they have already gained the skills required to get in front of a professional film crew. Not only that it also means MTA has access to enough film equipment to create their own projects.

MTA students have already been cast a couple of Revolving Door Productions projects. With one scheduled to be shot later this year and entered into festivals around the globe. While other students have already made a short film with some comedy sketches and a web series being written which have full support from Revolving Door Productions.

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